Cancun Trip Report: Day 2, Cancun

Day 2

On Sunday we tried in vain to find a Mexican Catholic Church to go to Mass at. We followed one lead from a bellboy that had use looping up and down the whole island. After 40 fruitless minutes on the bus, we decided to go to the Sheraton for a later mass. We got off the bus and met people coming back from the Sheraton saying that the priest was in Ireland. At which point we just got the bus back to the hotel and gave up. We had an expensive buffet breakfast at the hotel, swam in the sea, and then went to Playa Linda again to see what we could find out about trips to Isla Mujeres. We decided to do the all inclusive day at Garrafon, which included meals, snacks, the boat ride there and back, and snorkeling. Then we hit the cuidad for lunch. We went to La Habichuela, which had gotten good reviews.

The food was excellent. I got their specialty, “Cocobicheuela”, which was lobster and shrimp chunks in curry sauce with rice, all served in a big green coconut. It was delicious, if expensive. We also did try their habichuela soup (a habichuela is a string bean), which was mild and yummy.

We sat inside at La Habichuela, but they have a pretty outdoor seating area that I took a picture of. Also, that stained glass is supposed to show a surfing bean, but I thought he looked like Plankton from Spongebob Squarepants, so I had to take a picture.



After lunch we hit the supermarket/walmart-esque store that we had noticed in hopes of getting some cheaper bottled water. It was pretty cool since
there weren’t many tourists in there, and the cashiers didn’t appear to speak English. We bought a ton of bottled water for very cheap and some hand wash stuff that you don’t need water with – just in case we’d need it later on for our day trips.

We also successfully bought some camera batteries for Doug at a good price using my high-school Spanish. Which, I have to say, served me very well – much better than it did in Tijuana.

We relaxed for a while with our books by the water – here are arty photos:





For dinner, we went to Plaza Caracol to La Fisheria. This place was recommended by Cancun for Dummies. They had been right about El Pescador and La Habichuela, so we figured we’d try another one of their pics. We both ordered seafood pizza entrees for a break – and they were excellent. The grouper empanadas, campeche style were excellent also.

We ended up getting Hagan Daas again – and after we had eaten it, we saw that they had a sea lion posing with people in the middle of the plaza. It was kind of neat – the sea lion would put its flippers around the little kid posing with it – or rest its head on an adults shoulder. We went for it – and so I had a sea lion with its head on my shoulder. Fun! I have to scan the picture in. [Note from the future: … which I never did.]



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