Doug and I went to Cancun, Mexico for 7 days for our honeymoon. We stayed at the Krystal in the Hotel Zone. Cancun is an island shaped like a 7; our hotel was where the bend in the 7 is. North of the top of the 7 is Isla Mujeres where there is a coral reef and Garrafon National Park. Left of the 7, on the mainland, is la Cuidad de Cancun, the city of Cancun. This is where all the good restaurants are. When we were there we could take a bus for 6.5 pesos (about 65 cents or so) – the buses run continuously and are very easy to take.

The water in Cancun is gorgeous – but the beaches where we were, were very small.

The only really negative thing about Cancun is that I felt that everyone is always trying to sell you something, whether it be a tour, or to get you to check out some new condo for a high-pressure sales pitch. We got hit with it at the airport, at our hotel, and every time we walked down the street or through the nearby mall, Plaza Caracol. It was a huge annoyance because of the persistence and aggressiveness of the people. A simple “no, thank you” was never enough.

On the plus side, the restaurants were amazing – we mostly ate in the Cuidad, when we weren’t on a day trip. The food on all our day trips to places like Tulum, Coba, and Chichen Itza was amazing as well. We stayed away from all the American chain-type restaurants in the hotel zone – they weren’t what we were looking for.

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And here are a couple of pictures:





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