Robin and Tulips..

This robin made a nest on top of our drainpipe and then proceeded to divebomb us every time we came near.

Beatlefest ’08

Well, Janine and my Beatlefest is done for this year, but we had a great time! Here are some pictures!


It’s 4am

Why are we still up? Why are we still looking at youtube videos of John and Paul?

BeatlesFest ’08 has begun!

So, after getting our butts whipped by elvishtard and m_cubicle while Brawling, we decided to do something we are good at: Celebrating THE BEATLES!!!! So, time for us to play our guitars and write bad Beatles time travel Mary Sue fanfic…. YAY!!! Lennon/McCartney OTP!!!

Our laundry room

We bought vinyl tile for our laundry room like 2 years ago, and have never gotten around to putting it down. For some reason, today I got a bug in my ear to do it after lunch, so I just started. We finished around 9. I am really tired now, but the laundry room looks *so* much nicer. It had … Continue Reading →

Glen Phillips

Glen Phillips of Toad the Wet Sprocket was supposed to come to Goddard today! And he did! It was so so cool! And really weird as well. He was playing in Easton last night, and Vienna tomorrow, so I suspect he was in the area, and as a big NASA nerd, he probably requested a tour, and they said, hey … Continue Reading →