Our laundry room

We bought vinyl tile for our laundry room like 2 years ago, and have never gotten around to putting it down. For some reason, today I got a bug in my ear to do it after lunch, so I just started. We finished around 9. I am really tired now, but the laundry room looks *so* much nicer. It had this really crappy old tile that had rust spots and was just nasty.

Nearly done with this corner..

Pretzel break! These are Alton Brown’s soft pretzel recipe. We make them and freeze them.






Oh, and here’s what the room looked like when we started painting it. It was a hideous orange, in addition to having a hideous floor.


On an unrelated note, we watched some of the Behind the Scenes stuff for Drake’s Fortune, that playstation game we like so much – it was an awesome score – sometimes we just leave it on the start screen to listen to the music! And now I know why the music is so awesome – it’s because the Firefly composer did the music for Drake’s Fortune! The music during the game is very atmospheric too, and you can definitely hear tones of Firefly in it!