Abbey Road on the River – Friday

Well, here I am – thanks to Janine for the use of her laptop!

The festival is awesome so far, though I was exhausted yesterday, from getting up at 4:45 to catch my 7am flight. (What was I thinking?)

Doug took me to the airport, and we left in plenty of time, but there was the longest security line I’ve ever seen. Doug (because he’s awesome) waited with me til I had to show my id and go through. They were starting to take people with 6:50 flights out of the line (at 6:30) to get them through security. I wasn’t really worried about missing my flight because everyone in that line was in the same boat, and they couldn’t leave without everyone! There was some guy behind me who was freaking out about missing his 7am flight and was bothering everyone official that he could. He was really irritating, especially because the kid in front of me had a 6:55 flight. Anyway, I finally got through security, and ran for my gate, which was the furthest, of course, and got on my 7am flight at 6:55. I wasn’t even the last one on, and I managed a window seat, but in the last few rows.

The flight was short and uneventful and Janine met me at the airport. I finally got to meet Katie and her husband who are both super nice. We all practiced our open mic songs and after wandering around a bit (we saw Pete Best talk, which was very cool), went to rest up. I took an hour and a half nap, which I badly needed! We did our open mike at 4. We played out by the pool, where it was super windy, and very rooftop concert.



We weren’t great, but not awful I think! We were all tired and relatively unpracticed together! It was fun though!

After that, we went to see The Return, a Beatle tribute band, who were awesome and all really good musicians. We were in the front row and George (who Janine kind of knows and we were introduced to before the show) winked at us a lot. (It used to be you, Paul, didn’t it?)

Here are a ton of pics of them that I took!


John – he looks perfect with the wig, and even does the knee bob that Real John does – and he played guitar the right way, with his arm wrapped around the side. I don’t know how he plays that way! My arms are too short!



George, aka Mike – he was very sweet – and an amazing guitarist.


Paul, aka Shane sounds just like Paul, talking and singing – it’s amazing. I didn’t really meet him, but Janine says he’s really great.





I didn’t really get any pics of New Old Ringo, because he was mostly hidden behind the drum kit.

In the evening, we put on our Pepper jackets and went to go see all the musicians perform the Love album, which was incredible. Everyone sounded great – and it was right on too – amazing that they were able to replicate it. They had singers and musicians from all the bands – the Return was brought in for Help and A Hard Day’s Night for the two older Beatle tunes. We got to sit in the front (being with Janine, who helped organize things, has its advantages!) – which was really cool – and one of the musicians told Janine that he enjoyed that we were so into things.

They started out doing “Because” a capella, with just birds chirping:

I’m not sure which song this is – that’s James Paul Lynch singing, and one of the Georges next to him.

Gavin Pring – I can’t remember which George song he sang..

The Return:

We also had lots of drunk people accosting us wanting to know where we bought the costumes (we didn’t buy them, we made them ourselves, from scratch), and swinging their beers way too near us. It’s not like DragonCon, where people know about costumes and are (mostly) respectful. We had one woman want Janine’s room number. She was joking. I think.





I went with Janine to see Abbey Road performed later on by Abbey Road Live:

It was drizzling, so we stayed under this awning and watched from the side. We had our Pepper jackets on, and I was worried about waterspots! Katie brought us all plastic ponchos, so we made use of them!

I watched half the album, but I was so tired, I went to bed after half. Janine said the rain got worse and they were told to play one more song and end it. Fortunately the next song was the huge medly, so they ended up playing pretty much the whole album anyway. I got a good night’s sleep, and feel a lot better today, which is good, because it’s going to be a big day!

I leave you with a picture of our Pepper jackets, from the front row of Love!


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