AROTR 2008 – Monday

Monday was the last day – we watched a friend of Janine’s play guitar – he was awesome! I thought of Joe, because he played a bit of flamenco!


After him was a band called Timeline – I didn’t get a pic because my card was full – they played a bunch of classic rock and were really good! It was sprinkling rain by this point, so we mostly hung out directly in front of the stage under the overhang.

After their set, Janine dropped me off at the airport! As I was making my way to my gate (I had a ton of time as there was no security line to speak of), I recognized one of the band members from Lucy in the Sky, the German band, standing around and waiting. We chatted for a while, which was really cool. I told them how much I enjoyed their band, and we talked about their superlong flight home (they had to west to Chicago to fly east to Frankfurt), his family and young kids, which make it hard to travel. They play 40-50 gigs a year and work at regular jobs! They hope to be back next year though! I told him I played guitar too, and so he asked what kind of music we played, etc. Anyway, it was a really fun conversation. His friend from the band came up to us – and we chatted a bit too, and he wrote down the address for their guest book and their email address – they were excited to have someone from Washington, DC post in their guestbook! So, I wished them a safe flight and headed for my gate. I wasn’t able to get a window on the way back – but the aisle was fine. We got in 20 minutes early, so it was really only an hour flight!

Thus ends my Beatle adventure!

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