AROTR 2008 – Sunday

On the 9th floor, when the doors of the elevator opened up, this was the view. Only at a Beatles convention!

Ron wore my band’s t-shirt. Though not really purposefully!


Sunday at noon, Katie, Mike, and I went and got lunch and got back to meet Janine and Ron to see The Return yet again, inside. And they finally played Kansas City/Hey hey hey hey for Janine! We each got a pic with the whole band after the show, which was fun! Here’s mine:


Then was the German band called Lucy in the Sky – they were awesome – they played Beatles, but they didn’t do exact covers, which was fun – since they put their own spin on the songs.


I loved the a capella Norwegian Wood and their version of Strawberry Fields.

And even cooler – if you didn’t know, early on, the Beatles were made to record a couple of their songs in German – they didn’t want to do it after that, so those are the only ones. Anyway – the German band played the German version of I Want to Hold Your Hand (Komm, gib mir deine Hand) – and obviously they got all the lyrics sounding right! BTW, all the German songs are available on Past Masters 1.

Here’s a clip of it!

Next was the Beatrips, a Japanese Beatle band – they were awesome!


We caught the end of Abbey Road Live’s set. The guy in pink talked to us at the costume party, and admired our Sgt Pepper costumes.




Cool Beatle tshirt!



We watched part of The Rigbys’s set before the Oh Darling contest. The Rigbys played Oh Darling (or 1:40 of it) like 18 times!


I didn’t get a picture of a Katie up there singing (she was awesome) – I do have video if she should want it though! :-)

This little boy was really adorable with his fake guitar and mic though!



Janine got roped into judging:


The view of the Festival Sunday afternoon:



Janine, Ron, and I tried to get dinner after the Oh Darling contest, but everything was closed. We finally found an English pub. The food was pretty good. The best thing was a fried pickle. It came with Janine’s order, but she gave it to me.

This sign was in the Pub!


After dinner we caught James Paul Lynch and British Export – they were all in Cavern Club leather outfits and they played all kinds of old stuff, and misc rockabilly, like Rock This Town.

James Paul Lynch is seriously amazing – he plays guitar, can sing like John, can play Paul including bass left-handed – and he took over the drums! It was kind of sad though when they said how everyone likes him as the Beatles, he said “Does anyone like me as me?” Very cute. He’s really really nice though, and super humble – he chatted with us after, and took pics with us. And he complimented us a few times on our Pepper jackets. His brother, David, joined them onstage for (I think) Rock This Town. They were really cute together when they were singing into the same mic.

Here’s part of “You’d Better Leave My Kitten Alone”:














After this, we went out to the main stage to see part of All You Need is Love’s set. We mostly watched from the back. We worked our way up close so that we could see The Return from the very front.

The megaphone was for Tomorrow Never Knows:


Boy, you’re gonna carry that weight…

We did manage to weasel our way into the very front row, right against the stage for The Return. Katie, Janine, and I tried (and succeeded) in making Mike/George do a double take when he looked down and saw the three of us with our heads together, each leaning our chins on our hands and gazing up at him adoringly. His look was priceless – I wish I could have gotten a picture!












After The Return, Janine and Ron went to go see The Submorons, who are a Rutles cover band. Katie, Mike, and I caught part of Instant Karma’s set, until a smoker drove us away. They were great. We stood in the back until they started playing Whatever Gets You Through the Night and Katie charged to the front, and I followed along! I really enjoyed watching their bass player – he was just incredible, especially during that song.


We joined Janine and Ron by the Pool Stage for the end of the Submoron’s set, and caught a few songs of the Johnny Donut Experience. They were good too! I liked the donut bass!


After that, we went up to the rooms to rest for a bit – and later on Janine, Katie, and I headed down in our Sgt Pepper jackets. When we hit the 2nd floor lobby, the Submorons had started a singalong there. We joined in, and I was tossed a tambourine – and even though we had no voices left for screaming for The Return, we sang our hearts out. Between the singing, and our jackets, we attracted quite a crowd, especially once people started trickling back from the Love show which was being performed out on the main lawn.




It was so so fun! I had fun playing the tambourine, which is harder than it looks. It’s very audible, and it’s hard to keep it steady and in time! Besides a set of bongos, it was the closest thing to a drum set, so I tried to play the right beats. The tambourine was especially fun on You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away, since it has an actual tambourine in it! Laura’s dad recognized us and he sat with us for nearly the whole singalong, which was cool – he was really nice! We must have been there over an hour. It was so cool to hear a whole lobby of people singing Beatles songs, and covering all the harmonies and backing vocals – everyone held the chord at the end of That Boy out, and it actually sounded good!! And when we played I Want to Hold Your Hand, some of us sang in German!

The only bad thing was some huge really drunk guy holding a beer that he was about to spill, who lumbered over and wanted to sit next to me (Janine had gotten up for a second but was coming back). I waved him off, and then he looked over to wear Katie was sitting and motioned like he wanted her seat. Yes, let’s make the pregnant lady move for you. Finally he handed someone his beer, pounded on the bongos for a song, and then lumbered on, happy. Weird.

Janine and Katie finally left to go upstairs to check out the 3rd floor ballroom. I stuck around for another song or two and then headed up to meet them. When I got up the stairs, they were talking to Adam from The Return. Mike was there too, talking to some girls, and Richard/John was flitting around. Katie and Janine had just been telling Adam about that weird woman who wanted our room number to steal our Pepper coats. After re-enacting that story, we started asking him questions about how he got back with the band.

Midway through the story, some girls motioned for Adam to come with them outside where they were going for a smoke. He turned them down, telling us he doesn’t smoke. They they said “We have to ask you a question!” – he pretty much ignored them and continued talking to us. Neither Janine or I picked up on it, but Katie figured it out. She thinks those girls were trying to give Adam an out, because they thought the crazy girls in the Pepper jackets had cornered him. That wasn’t the case, but I think Katie is totally right! How funny!

Anyway, eventually the conversation broke up and after waving goodbye to Mike (we only talked to him briefly), we went up to my room and talked for a while. It was a really fun night!

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