Lovely Day

It was so pretty out today – not too hot or too cold, and sunny. We spent a lot of the afternoon gardening – putting in some vegetables we bought at a local place, and I planted the cosmo seeds I’d saved from last years plants. We also bought a small rose bush and a rhododendron – I’m not sure where we’re going to put them yet, probably along the back fence. The front garden is coming in nicely – unexpectedly, most of my dahlias from last year are coming back! I didn’t think most of them would! The day lilies are coming up too. And the delfiniums look great – they’re really big. They didn’t do much last year. Our peony has a bud too – a single bud. It didn’t have any last year, though it looked great the first year we moved into the house!

Mr. and Mrs. Robin, who thought it would be a good idea to put their nest on our drainpipe, right next to our garage, weren’t too happy that we kept going in and out of the garage and walking around their nest. When we came back from the store, one of them did some close flybys to try and scare us off! I think it’s because their babies have hatched, though you can’t see them from the ground, the nest is too high up. There’s a nest in one of our back bushes (birds seem to like it because we’ve had nests there every year) with three babies in it -they were making a racket!

Here’s Mrs (or Mr) Robin looking on from a nearby tree, none too happy with us:

Spring 2008

Here’s the front garden:



And the back:


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