Swell Season

So, last night with the Swell Season concert – it was at the Myerhoff in Baltimore, which is a concert hall. It was a kind of mellow show – no standing this time! But it was very enjoyable. Instead of just Glen and Marketa, they had a full band with them, which included an electric fiddle. They played some new stuff, some stuff from “Once”, some stuff from the Frames, and a Van Morrison cover. The song they ended the encore on was amazing – he did it has time too – Star Star mixed with the Willy Wonka song. But this time they ended it with the bass player singing some song I didn’t know, and Market harmonizing with him. It was gorgeous.


Oh, and we had awesome seats! 6th row, with the first being pretty much right up against the stage. I was on an aisle too, so I had a great view. We were on the left side, which was the same side that Marketa’s piano was on, so we had a great view of her. So we were maybe 20 feet or so away!

I found the setlist for this show online:

Setlist (a full, solid 2 hours):

Glen acoustic, non miked: Say It To Me Now
(Joe, Colm, Marketa, and Rob come onstage)
This Low
(Graham comes in on drums)
The Moon
When Your Mind’s Made Up
Love Etc/Your Love Makes Me Cheerful (new song)
Marketa : On My Mind
Falling Slowly
(Glen Solo)
What Happens When The Heart Just Stops
Astral Weeks (Van Morrison cover)
(everyone comes back on stage)
Your Face
If You’ve Got To Go, Go With Happiness (new song, 8th time played I believe he said)
Broken Hearted Hoover Fixer Sucker Guy

(everyone) If You Want Me
Colm Solo! Blue Shoes