Florida (Post 8)

This morning we tried something new and took a 2 hour boat trip on the Indian River. It was a much smaller boat than I thought it would be and was immediately worried about motion sickness, but I was ok. And I was even better once we spotted dolphins! And even better than merely spotting them, they came over to … Continue Reading →

Florida (Post 7)

The weather was kind of crummy today, so we didn’t do a whole lot of pool and ocean. Early this morning some of the others did the kayak thing and had much better luck than us with the manatees and a dolphin. Oh well. Maybe we’ll try again on Friday. Funny thing was I woke up today with horribly sore … Continue Reading →

Florida (Post 6)

So, where did I leave off? Let’s see – after yesterday’s kayak trip, we spent the morning on the pool and the ocean. Doug and I snuck off to Mi Mexico, a new Mexican place that Doug’s brother Gary has been wanting to try. It was really really good – I had a “fajita quesedilla”. Yum. After lunch, Doug and … Continue Reading →

Florida (Post 5)

Well, kayaking with the manatees wasn’t the spectacular success that it was last year – last year we had the manatees swim right up to us and want to know what was going on. This year they mostly fled as soon as they caught wind of us. I got one pic of one diving – part of his flipper. It … Continue Reading →

Florida (Post 4)

I don’t have much to offer today but a pretty sunset and some cool looking stormy skies. Despite their ominous-ness, we didn’t actually get a storm, though many miles off, out over the ocean, we later had a very impressive light display of lightening. A bunch of times the lightening would seem to cause a chain reaction and we’d get … Continue Reading →

Florida: Dolphins and Rainbows! (Post 3)

I might have missed photographing the sunset yesterday, but today there were both dolfins and rainbows! There was an enormous double rainbow this evening, right at sunset, that stretched from the condos out to over the ocean. It was too big to capture in one photo! So I took many – maybe when I get home, I can try and … Continue Reading →

Florida (Post 2)

Today we drove from Ormand Beach to Titusville to meet up with some of the family at Dixie Crossroads, which I love (rock shrimp and sugar covered corn balls that always make me think of Arrested Development). Then the storms hit. It rained really really hard, where you almost couldn’t see the road. But we got to New Smyrna in … Continue Reading →

Florida (Post 1)

Doug’s family vacations in the same spot every year – New Symyrna Beach in Florida – it’s on the Atlantic Coast, between Daytona and Canaveral. But first, this year, Doug and I took a day to explore around St. Augustine, which is further north. And supposedly where Ponce de Leon came ashore in the New World, searching for the Fountain … Continue Reading →


So, here is what my garden looks like right now – the delfiniums have done really well and so have the lilies. The dahlias have started to bloom – at least some of the ones that came up early! Just a few quick pictures for now… I experimented with tomato cages and the like this year since the dahlias can … Continue Reading →

more high school – now with 100% more physics team!

I’ve had so much fun the last two nights commenting back and forth with high school friends on the photos I posted on Facebook. One of them, who had blue hair in 1992, after rolling his eyes about his picture, promptly used it for his Facebook profile picture! I added a few more, but I don’t think they’d be that … Continue Reading →

high school

All this Facebook stuff (everyone at work is on it now, so we’ve been talking about it a ton lately) has made me super nostalgic for high school. It’s been amazing getting to touch base with old friends. Anyway, so I scanned a bunch of high school photos (ok, and one junior high and one college) for fun. So here … Continue Reading →