Another year, another storm…

more tree damage.

We had a series of bad thunderstorms through DC/VA/MD yesterday, complete with tornado warnings. The wind and rain were pretty intense. Since our power goes out if someone sneezes, I figured it’d be out for sure. I called home to see if the machine would pick up, and nope. So no power.

I got home and was greeted by this view:


Yes, the top half of the gum tree in our front yard came down on the house. I think we were fortunate – the room doesn’t appear damaged, other than possibly some bent shingles on the edge of the roof, and a dented gutter. It landed on two of my dahlias too – but Doug was able to cut away some of those branches my dahlias aren’t too smushed, so I am relieved about that.

We went out to dinner, to my favorite Mexican place, and then hung out at the bookstore for a while. I couldn’t resist and bought the Sex & The City making of book. It had the pretty pics from Carrie’s Vogue shoot in the movie. We played guitar and then a game of Life after we got home.

Today we called Ed’s Tree Service (I swear, if he has kids, we are putting them through college at this rate) and got an estimate for $1300 to remove the tree. I think insurance might actually cover it this time since it’s on the house. Last time our tree damage wasn’t “on” the house. Hopefully it will be taken care of tomorrow.

More pics here: