Florida (Post 2)

Today we drove from Ormand Beach to Titusville to meet up with some of the family at Dixie Crossroads, which I love (rock shrimp and sugar covered corn balls that always make me think of Arrested Development). Then the storms hit. It rained really really hard, where you almost couldn’t see the road. But we got to New Smyrna in one piece and then had to spend the afternoon inside playing cards and hanging out because of the rain.

Here’s what the beach looked like:



It cleared up by dinner, fortunately – we went to one of our favorite places, JB’s fishcamp. It’s a kind of dive on the intercoastal waterway, just down the road. The food there is great. Blackened grouper sandwich, yum.

The view of the water was really really pretty – I took a few pictures.


Then some idiot threw crackers into the water and we spent 20 minutes being divebombed by birds. It made for nice pictures.





When we got back, we took a walk on the beach and the sunset was spectacular. Of course I didn’t have my camera with me. D’oh. By the time I got it, it was kinda too late. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

This was part of the sunset over the parking lot – too bad I didn’t get those colors over the ocean!



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