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All this Facebook stuff (everyone at work is on it now, so we’ve been talking about it a ton lately) has made me super nostalgic for high school. It’s been amazing getting to touch base with old friends.

Anyway, so I scanned a bunch of high school photos (ok, and one junior high and one college) for fun.

So here they are! Some of them are a little big, so behind the cut they go.

Me in 7th grade. This would be 1987. Note the fashionable 80s attire. Pink polo shirt? Check. Popped collar? Check. :-)

Me in 11th grade in marching band. This was before I learned trumpet. Once I picked the trumpet up, I never looked back. I marched trumpet my senior year in high school. I don’t think we did pictures like this though..

Me in 11th grade at 16. I still have this sweater. It has holes in it, but I keep it for sentimental reasons.

Me senior year of high school:

And me, beginning of freshman year in college – my student id. I managed to keep the same one all four five years, and I never lost it. I like the picture. Also, this was pre-identity theft and our student number (aka our social security number) was on all our ids. And our test scores were posted by the last four digits. I photoshopped it out of the picture though.

Me in probably 10th grade. I like this picture. Note the same sweater as in my school photo. Also, note my backpack only worn over one shoulder (it was uncool to wear it on two), the brown shoes that were very popular back then, and the carefully rolled up jeans. Ah 1989, how I miss you. Also, I thought I was fat then. I wish I still looked like that!

Me at an airshow – I think that’s a B-24. I’ve got my favorite B-1 shirt on (I still have it) and my Space Camp jacket. And my very in brown shoes. :-)

Now for some group pictures that will mean nothing to anyone but me!

These were from a marching band trip to Canada. We stopped at Niagra Falls, and then visited Toronto, Ottawa (love love loved it) and Montreal. But everything that could go wrong, did. Concerts we were supposed to play either got canceled, or were postponed because our buses kept breaking down. One bus broke down, so they loaded those people on one of the other two remaining buses, and then one of them broke an axel because there were too many people on it. I have memories of us unloading our buses on the side of the highway. Down to one bus, it dropped people off at a truck stop and then ferried the rest of us there. I have pictures of us hanging out in a random high school auditorium waiting for a bus repair. I have memories of us crammed into two buses (the 3rd still being out for repair, though we got one fixed), people sitting on arm rails and the floor, driving to Ottawa, where we missed our concert, but arrived just in time for sunset over Parliament. It was gorgeous. We ate at a place called the Marble Factory, I think. The food was good. I remember dinner at Minolta Towers near Niagra Falls and one of my friends found a huge moth in her Caesar salad. We visited a mall in every city we went to. I’m not sure why, but I remember MOntreal Underground, and a mall in Toronto. We did see a few more things in Montreal than we did elsewhere, like the Olympic Stadium and Notre Dame Cathedral. All in all, it was an excellent band trip.




This is us killing time in that auditorium:

And at one of the malls:


This is me and my best friend Vahe in front of a mural near McGill University. I love this picture.


Postcard of this spot:


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