more high school – now with 100% more physics team!

I’ve had so much fun the last two nights commenting back and forth with high school friends on the photos I posted on Facebook. One of them, who had blue hair in 1992, after rolling his eyes about his picture, promptly used it for his Facebook profile picture!

I added a few more, but I don’t think they’d be that entertaining to anyone not actually in the pictures.

I did dig out my yearbook too, and in the club photos section, found our physics team photo. I wasn’t a very valuable or contributing member, but I do have a varsity letter to show for it.


I’m at the bottom right. Mr. Thomas was our teacher. The guy to my right in the Guns n’ Roses t-shirt was my boyfriend. He was super smart and got into Harvard early admission for physics and chemistry. He also loved heavy metal and loved wearing his heavy metal t-shirts to math and physics meets and having people underestimate him. He was also a really good artist. I don’t know where he is now – I wonder if he’ll show up on Facebook.

The guy in the striped shirt in the top was a best friend of mine at the time and was in marching band so he’s in some of the other pictures.

I found this picture in the yearbook too – they went around and took posed “candid” polaroids of everyone and montaged them on a few pages in the yearbook.


Look! Marching band! I’m in the trumpet section somewhere..


Oh, and for fun – prom photos!

Senior year (with the aforementioned boyfriend):



Junior year (just with friends):


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