Garden photos

I haven’t taken any pics in a while! Oh, and we neglected to take that robin’s nest down when they were done with it – and just yesterday we found another robin in it! So I think we’re in for more divebombing once the eggs hatch. Ugh! We’ve also got another nest in the bush in the front – this … Continue Reading →

I met Carbon Leaf!

Here’s me and the rhythm guitarist! We saw Carbon Leaf tonight for free outside at Power Plant Live in Baltimore! We went with my friend Kevin (who plays bass in our band) and his wife Jenna. Jenna has loved Carbon Leaf ever since she saw them on the BNL cruise in January (they were one of the bands on the … Continue Reading →

More garden pics

On July 5th, our watermelons (we have 2 of them!) looked like this: Yesterday that exact watermelon looked like this: Here’s the other one: We have mourning doves making a nest in our Mimosa tree: More flowers!

18th century tea

Some historical costumer friends of mine got together at our friend Loren’s farm in Virginia for an 18th century tea, followed by a modern swimming party, fabric exchange, and viewing of Marie Antoinette. I know this probably sounds horrible, unless you are a costumer. It was a lovely day though, and it was so fun playing dress-up! I love this … Continue Reading →

5th of July fireworks

We missed the fireworks in DC on the 4th because of the iffy weather, but we went to see the local ones in Laurel instead. After dinner at Don’s apt, we met up with Koji, Steve & Mindy and their kids near the lake, which is where the fireworks were fired from. I tried to take some pics, which was … Continue Reading →

The Return

After Abbey Road on the River, I had emailed Mike, from the Beatle tribute band The Return, to say how much I enjoyed their shows. Janine is friendly with the band, so by the end of AROTR, Katie and I were too. I had mentioned in my email that I saw they were playing in Gaithersburg, but that I was … Continue Reading →

Band gig

We had a gig tonight, playing at a party for the project Kevin is working on (the Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission, henceforth to be called SM4 because that’s how we roll). Rich and Joe were both out of town (Moscow and Copenhagen respectively) so our friend Al filled in for us on lead guitar. He’s very good and super … Continue Reading →

Home again..

Well, we’re home from Florida – I think I only took one picture on Friday, as it was uneventful. We went kayaking again, but nothing really interesting to report. No dolphins, a few manatee (none closeby), and one cool looking jellyfish that I missed taking a picture of. The morning weather was good, so there was pool-time – but it … Continue Reading →