Home again..

Well, we’re home from Florida – I think I only took one picture on Friday, as it was uneventful. We went kayaking again, but nothing really interesting to report. No dolphins, a few manatee (none closeby), and one cool looking jellyfish that I missed taking a picture of. The morning weather was good, so there was pool-time – but it got progressively less nice. Oh well – even if the weather wasn’t fantastic, there was a lot of other stuff going on this year that you don’t often see.

The garden looked pretty nice when we got back, except for one poor dahlia plant that must have been traumatized when the tree fell on the house or something. It’s not looking too good. Here are a few pics from this afternoon.


I’m not sure why there’s one flower that’s different than the others on this plant!


This plant is doing really well this year – it came back from last year, which is nice.


These are the huge dinnerplate dahlias that have come back every year since I planted them:

This planet is doing way better this year – another one I planted last year:


I think the cages have worked really well in supporting the plants.


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