More marching band again!

Vince dug up this rehersal performance of “Make Our Garden Grow” from Candide, from my junior year. I’m in the middle at 1:20, with a clarinet (the short one with the untucked shirt and bangs). We’re all wearing jeans and band t-shirts and look alike otherwise. Doesn’t sound bad!

More marching band!

Looks like Vince dug up the video from our championships from my senior year! Our show was “Too Darn Hot – Tribute to Cole Porter”. It was really fun! I’m in the trumpet section somewhere. I’m the short person walking backwards in the middle of the screen around 2:16. (The second trumpet back.) There are other places I think I … Continue Reading →

More flower pics

The light was really nice this weekend.

Summer flowers

I haven’t had much time for posting these, so here are a bunch of garden/flower pics that I’ve saved up!

It’s still Talk Like A Pirate Day for a few more minutes..

I found the entire George Harrison/Pirate Song bit from Monty Python. Earlier I’d found just the song part, but here’s the whole thing. After all, what could be better than George Harrison himself contributing to Talk Like a Pirate Day? (Don’t answer that!)

This one time, at band camp – part 2

My friend Vince posted, in two parts, the little “yearbook” video that was done for our 1991-92 marching band season. This was my senior year of high school, I was marching trumpet – and our show was songs by Cole Porter. Really, this is too long to expect anyone to sit through the whole thing unless you were really bored. … Continue Reading →

This one time…at bandcamp…

My friend Vince, from high school, uploaded this (oh my God, I’m dating myself with this one) 18-year-old marching band video to youtube. This is some sort of practice run-through since we’re just wearing our band t-shirts (which I still have, fyi) and not our uniforms. Our show was music from Bernstein’s Candide. I played clarinet in this show – … Continue Reading →

SalonCon overview

SalonCon was so much fun! I had a great time with bauhausfrau, madamekat, viennabelle, and jehanni! This Con was apparently weak on the costumes last year, but this year, it was like SteampunkCon than a Victorian Con. And it was mostly good steampunk. The Con was small maybe 200 people, if that? And everyone seemed to be dressed up the … Continue Reading →

The hammer is my…

drhaggis actually got video of this hilarious moment from Alan and Nathan’s panel…so funny! If you’re viewing this on googlereader, you’ll need to actually click on the link to the blog, because the embedded movie doesn’t show up.

Yet Still More DragonCon

The party ‘Vator. Which we barely rode. It makes me sad because there are just too many people in the Marriott now – it made it hard to get an uninterrupted ride to the top floor. Brian – the punchline here is “It’s driving me nuts!” Rogue *puts finger on nose* hee hee Sean Astin at his panel. Battlestar Galactica … Continue Reading →

Nathan Steals a wheelchair…

This is the great shot Lauren got of Nathan on the motorized wheel chair. It was so funny!

A few more DragonCon tidbits…

A few more DragonCon things courtesy of Rogue, who had the presence of mind to remember them. Blatantly stolen from his LJ: *** Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk panel. Nathan rants about rip-off cabbies trying to dupe him out of his money. Nathan: “If you want my money, just ask for it; don’t try to trick me out of it. … Continue Reading →