Nathan Steals a wheelchair…

This is the great shot Lauren got of Nathan on the motorized wheel chair. It was so funny!

A few more DragonCon tidbits…

A few more DragonCon things courtesy of Rogue, who had the presence of mind to remember them. Blatantly stolen from his LJ: *** Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk panel. Nathan rants about rip-off cabbies trying to dupe him out of his money. Nathan: “If you want my money, just ask for it; don’t try to trick me out of it. … Continue Reading →

Holyhead Harpies

Here are all my Harpies pix. I took a ton of Mel, because I knew some of you might want them. She just looked so happy, especially when Janine gave her the signed quaffle. It was really touching. I hope she had a great DragonCon. It looked like she did. They melted!

Misc DragonCon costume pics

My one arty shot, taken from the Firefly line. This was one of the cleverest costumes I saw there: Bjorg. Good Batman costumes – I was at a bad angle to get Catwoman. One, two, hands of Blue. From Firefly. They were even carrying an iphone with a pic of Summer on it. Cassandra in her fabulous sack dress. Chris … Continue Reading →