This one time, at band camp – part 2

My friend Vince posted, in two parts, the little “yearbook” video that was done for our 1991-92 marching band season. This was my senior year of high school, I was marching trumpet – and our show was songs by Cole Porter.

Really, this is too long to expect anyone to sit through the whole thing unless you were really bored. The first part is nearly all band camp. Yes, we really had band camp. It was hot, people fainted, etc. We worked really hard because our band was kind of hard core. We had people running our band who were involved with Drum and Bugle Corp, and they brought their hard-coreness back to us. So we were run kind of like one of those drum corps. We had a lot of association with the Cadets of Bergen County because my high school was in (surprise) Bergen County, NJ. Our uniforms were the same color (coincidence I think because maroon and gold were our school colors), and they did Bernstein the year we did Candide – and we had some of the same drill instructors.

Anyway – if we were at attention, we were expected to stay there, even if you got stung by a bee. This did actually happen too. You weren’t allowed to eat, run, or swear in uniform, and you couldn’t be walking around just partly in uniform unless you were changing. A shako is not a lunchpail. Meaning our hats were not to be carried around by the strap. And at competitions, during the announcement of the awards, while all the other bands were screaming and carrying on, we were quiet and at parade rest – and then when they announced our band, we were called to attention and then back to parade rest. We were the *only* ones that did this. Hard core.

The second part of the video has some actual clips of our show, mostly from Championships, which was held at Giant’s Stadium.

There are so many of my high school friends in this – it’s amazing to see them, and so young.

You can catch a glimpse at me in the first part at 1:28 – I’m the one with the knee brace and ponytail. At at 3:45 playing pool volleyball. I’m facing away, but have really long hair.

In part 2, you can see me march across the screen from the left at 2:05 or so.

Oh and at the end of part 2 is what we called the “benediction”, which was a call-answer thing that was yelled at the end of every practice/competition.

Ah, nostalgia. Videos from youtube here: