This one time…at bandcamp…

My friend Vince, from high school, uploaded this (oh my God, I’m dating myself with this one) 18-year-old marching band video to youtube.

This is some sort of practice run-through since we’re just wearing our band t-shirts (which I still have, fyi) and not our uniforms. Our show was music from Bernstein’s Candide. I played clarinet in this show – I didn’t start trumpet til the following summer. Trumpet is so much more fun to march.

This, plus chatting with old friends from the band days, made me dig out my old band jacket. I found my old dot book (which is where you jot down how far from various yard lines you are supposed to be standing and when) in the pocket along with the remnants of a presumably 17-year-old blow pop. Yuck. I threw that out, but kept the dot book. I also found 3 patches I never sewed on the jacket. :-)

You Tube video: