A few more photos from iphoto week 1

Here are a few more pictures! A praying mantis on Mike’s pepper plant: Damon and I at the picnic table at lunch: Playing at the Air & Space Museum: On the way back to Kevin’s, we drove past the old Glenn Dale hospital, which is a completely dilapidated, old, mental hospital that is supposedly haunted. It’s really impressive – I … Continue Reading →

Air & Space Museum gig

My band just had a gig playing at a Family Day at the Air & Space Museum in D.C. on Saturday. It was so much fun! Cross posted from my other LJ as usual. It’s so much work to pack everything up, set it all up, play, pack up, and then unload it all again back at Kevin’s – so … Continue Reading →

Week 1 of my iphone

I heart my iphone. It’s really cool, and I wonder now how I ever lived without it, etc., etc. I have drank (drunken?) the Kool-aid. The camera is pretty good for a camera phone – of course there’s no zoom, and it’s not fabulous with low-light (ie indoor) photography or anything that is moving. But it’s been fun to play … Continue Reading →