Carnegie Natural History and Art Museums

Photos from the museums: Art Museum: I love this painting: This one is so pretty.

Phipps Conservatory

Chihuly glass: Adorable creatures! Cocao!


Janine and I went to a midnight showing of Twilight to take in the lulz. We sat in the last row and live-blogged/tweeted our way through. But here are some pictures: Here we are in our Team James sparkle t-shirts, rooting for the villain. You can’t really tell, but we are wearing glitter too. We got hassled by some girls … Continue Reading →

Beatle Exhibit

J-9 and checked out the Beatle photo exhibit in Georgetown today. The photos were of the makingof Sgt Pepper, taken by Harry Grossman. The gallery was small and the photos awesome. There was no “no photography” signs but we couldn’t help sneaking a few crafty iPhone pics anyway. The ones of us staring at the Beatle portraits were us trying … Continue Reading →

John’s guitar really is like mine!

I finally looked it up! John’s was an orange Gretsch Nashville #6120! He used it briefly for Penny Lane and on Revolver. :-) There aren’t a whole lot of pics of it. Mine is a 5120 – not quite the same model, but similar. His has two switches, and mine only has one. But still – cool! I didn’t even … Continue Reading →

Band & Beatles

I had an awesome time hanging out with J-9 tonight! We had lunch in Old Town Alexandria and a Moroccan place near King and Harvard Sts. Then we headed over to Georgetown for the Beatle photo exhibit – then back to Alexandria to pick up her car – and sit through an hour of Wilson Bridge traffic. Then we played … Continue Reading →

Pics from home

I took some pics of the town I grew up in as we drove to my parents house. Here’s Hogwarts. I mean, my high school…and yes, it was a public school! Here’s the marching band’s equipment truck. They didn’t have it back in my day. The Duck Pond. A huge part of my childhood – and a high school make-out … Continue Reading →

Tim Gunn

So, Tim Gunn was doing a talk at University of Maryland about transitioning one’s wardrobe from college to the workplace. I was amused by this because things are *so* casual where I work. There was no transition. In fact, here’s a little story. We have something called “Tea Club”, which has been around for years, longer than I’ve been there. … Continue Reading →

Vacation Day 7 – Las Vegas & the Beatles Love show

And now! Vegas! I had to take a picture of the Mirage as we drove past! We stayed in the Luxor pyramid. Guess who was playing there? Carrot Top. DO NOT WANT. The view from our room: We wandered around a bit and through Excalibur and Mandalay Bay. We saw the Aquarium in Mandalay Bay, which was cool. Lots of … Continue Reading →

Vacation Day 6 – Zion at sunset

So, here are a few pics of Zion National Park in Utah, at sunset – and a whole bunch from driving around the next morning. These are the ones from the next morning from the east side of the park: This is a view of the windows in the tunnel through the mountain: