Pics from home

I took some pics of the town I grew up in as we drove to my parents house.

Here’s Hogwarts. I mean, my high school…and yes, it was a public school!

Here’s the marching band’s equipment truck. They didn’t have it back in my day.

The Duck Pond. A huge part of my childhood – and a high school make-out spot, if I remember correctly.

Graydon Pool- empty for the winter. It has sand, not concrete.

The street I grew up on.

And the house I grew up in. Only when I lived there, it had blue shutters and garage, not white. It’s fairly small unlike some of the mansions in the area. Land is at such a premium, that people just buy a lot, tear down the house, and build a bigger one in its place. My old Saturn is out front. I gave it to my parents when we got the Honda. It’s still running!

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