Picture Post!

A bunch of pics from the last month or so. Cupcakes from Bryan’s birthday! No, he wasn’t 339 years old. A few pics from the dollshow from earlier in the month. If there was ever a doll that would kill you in your sleep, it would be this one. A box of eyes. Two separate friends said this reminded them … Continue Reading →

Spring flowers

The daffodils I planted last fall are finally starting to bloom! They’ve been a little slow!

A few early spring flowers

Things are almost blooming – but we have these little purple flowers.


I got to play the bass tonight! Had a great time at band. Kevin decided he wants to do the ZZ Top song “La Grange”, which you would totally recognize if you heard it. Kevin had put down his bass when Rich and Rob riffed into the song, and Kevin’s wrist was hurting, so I played bass instead. It was … Continue Reading →

Lousy Smarch weather…

Here are a few pics of some icicles in the backyard. And here’s a self-portrait of me lying in the comfy snow, waiting for the sweet release of death. ;-) Note the Firefly hat and the Harry Potter scarf. Here’s my view of the sky and the snow falling on me. I’m sure it would have buried me eventually. Like … Continue Reading →