This is where we saw Help!

Help! was awesome btw!


At the Senator with Doug, Ed, Rob, and Bryan waiting for Help! to start! This is what’s on the screen now!

A few recent iPhone pics

At author Andrew Chaiken’s talk on Mars exploration. He wrote my favorite book on the manned moon program, aptly named “A Man on the Moon”. I did poorly on my E&M final because I couldn’t put his book down long enough to study. Action shot of Joe playing guitar Moon rock! At the Visitors Center Informal education showcase Bizarre fortune … Continue Reading →

Phipps Conservatory pics, part 2

Here are the ones I took with the newer camera. :-)

Phipps Conservatory pics, part 1

Here are a crapload of pics from my Easter weekend trip to Phipps in Pittsburgh! Lots of tulips! More to come!

Yet still more spring flowers.

Tulips and daffodils!

Spring flowers

My tulips are blooming!