Abbey Road on the River 2009 – Long!

I just got back from Abbey Road on the River where I had an awesome time hanging out with Janine, my friend and bandmate Rob, and Allie, the 13-year old daughter of Janine’s friend. (Katie, we missed you!!!) We had a really nice time together and saw lots of great music! Because Janine has worked on the festival, like last … Continue Reading →


It was so fun hanging out with Caitlin and talking costumes and fabric!

Florida Trip Report (iphone)

Here’s one more post on my trip! Let’s see, the gig was Saturday night. Some of us flew in Friday, some of us were already there for work, and poor Rich flew in Saturday morning. Saturday we were mostly able to relax until it was time to head over to Titusville, to the Astronaut Hall of Fame.

A few more shots of the Iris

Glad we saw it before we left for Florida, because two blooms it had were gone by the time we got home!

Shuttle launch pics

I have a ton of pics from this weekend from my good camera, but here are the shuttle launch ones! I zoomed my camera in a lot, so they aren’t crystal clear, but not bad for a point and shoot! Plus I was also trying to watch the launch and just occasionally click the camera. I didn’t want to miss … Continue Reading →

iphone pics

Here are a whole bunch of iphone pics from the last few days. And since I’m on a real computer, it’ll be easier to type. I’m still working on the regular camera pics Here’s a lucky shot of a bird on the beach from Sunday! I even managed to get myself in the shot! This sunset was really cool, though … Continue Reading →


Forgot to post this, we had really stormy weather last week, which produced a nice rainbow!    


The iris that’s come up a few years in a row finally bloomed!

This is my friend!

I have pics from the trip Kathy and I took in DC here! There’s lots of First Lady gowns and other costumey goodness! Like Abigail Adams’ embroidered leather slippers! and Martha Washington’s dress: And how much do I love that this 1830s gown comes with Princess Leia buns? (Photo of photo on wall) Also, ruby slippers, Seinfeld Puffy Shirt… … Continue Reading →