Florida Trip report (iphone)

So, here’s all about my trip to Florida, like a month ago. Wow, I am so behind! My friend Don lent me a book for the plane. It’s called “The Unthinkable: Who survives when disaster strikes and why”… You can see how I enjoyed it… Actually, I really found it interesting and was not freaked out at all, I swear!


I have a new skirt! I was supposed to finish this in time for Abbey Road on the River, but it didn’t have time. I’ll have it for Florida though!


I got some nice pictures of a Butterfly on my dahlias today!

A few pics

Mike’s b-day lunch which we had even though he wasn’t here that day. 750 days til Jen shoots Steve!

Pics from the last few days

This is the storm I just drove through, right before it hit. We had just had cupcakes for my birthday, yay! This my b-day lunch at the Indian place in Laurel. It wasn’t as blurry in real life. For some reason, they have a painting of that villa in Lake Como where they shot Star Wars Yesterday, Bryan helped me … Continue Reading →

My parents new place!

Look, it’s my old car! Yay! I miss my Saturn!