Band gig

Last week my band (minus two of our regular guitarists, but plus our friend Al, who filled in for us) played at the party they had for the Hubble repair mission astronauts. So far it’s been an unseasonably lovely July weather-wise, but of course today it was hot and sticky. We still had fun though! Two days ago, we decided … Continue Reading →

Random picture post

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately! The garden is looking good. Lots of dahlias! Lots of iPhone shenanigans since lots of people got the 3GS. Don videoed Mike telling some of if his stories. There was lots of gesturing. This one was at tea. This one was at lunch. There was a much bigger audience. One Monday, after getting … Continue Reading →

Last Florida post

Here are pics from my non-iphone camera! I never got around to posting them, though I posted pics from Florida by iphone. This is the condo we always stay at. It’s right on the beach, which is really cool.

Bok Tower

Here are some pics from June from Bok Tower and its gardens! Bok Tower, in central Florida, is a beautiful big garden, designed by Frederick Olmstead, with a “Singing Tower,” which has carillon bells. I think the tower looks like something out of Lord of the Rings! This bug was ginormous!!

Celebrate Goddard Day

Well, this year’s Celebrate Goddard Day came and went fairly quietly, despite the near riots caused by us running out of green NASA bags at the Code 600 booth. My friend/co-worker Sara and I did manage to get large, sugary $5 lemonades, though, which lasted throughout our podcast meeting. Fun!

Here is us with The Return from the other night!

I finally downloaded my pics but I haven’t done much else than look at this one. It was funny, the nice woman who took the pic for us had trouble with my camera, we all joked, that it was no hardship to stand there longer with cute fake Beatles with their arms around us! :-) Except for the fact that … Continue Reading →

This one didn’t make the last post!

She’s glaring at her sewing! Posted via

15 hours…is how long I sewed!

Done for tonight! So tired!

Hee hee!

And one from sound check!