iphone picture post

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately! Pretty sky on one of our walks around the neighborhood! Changing one of our Visitors Center panels My friend John’s b-day lunch – there were a whole slew of them in August! I had to go to an all day retreat, that I dubbed “Retreat to Go Forward” like on 30Rock. Also, this … Continue Reading →


A few garden shots.

Yay for old friends!

I got to see an old college friend last night, one of my little core group of physics major friends. We often had a large group for studying, depending on the subject, but I spent most of my time with Chris, John, Jay, and Rob. I haven’t seen Jay since our wedding almost 5 years ago, and his email address … Continue Reading →

iphone picture post

Here are some pics of what I’ve been up to for the last month or so! Willow sleeping where she’s not supposed to. I piled some Madame Alexander doll boxes bound for ebay, which are not unfragile and some other stuff high enough that I didn’t think she would bother it. But I found her sleeping on it, happy as … Continue Reading →

You Can Close Your Eyes

So, my office/band-mate Joe found this great youtube video of James Taylor and Carly Simon singing James’ “You Can Close Your Eyes”, and we thought it would be cool to learn it. It’s a really pretty song. We tried it out twice quickly yesterday when we had a spare minute, and since I had the podcast recording equipment out today, … Continue Reading →


This bloom was particularly pretty! So was this one!

Summer flowers

I haven’t posted any flowers in ages! I can’t remember if I posted the first few or not, so I’m posting them again!

“Real” camera pics from the Paul show

The stage looks further away that it was – we had a good view and Paul was actually visible to the naked eye!

More Paul

The setlist last night was similar to what he’d been doing, but with a few changes. 01. Drive My Car 02. Jet 03. Only Mama Knows 04. Flaming Pie He took his jacket off at this point, and all the women in the audience starting screaming. It was awesome. At some point, maybe here? He joked that the last time … Continue Reading →

Whee! Paul McCartney!

Expensive shirts! Expensive water! Awesome Seat!

Me and $1150 bucks of Paul McCartney tickets!

They cost so much, they deserve a second picture!