Small Press Expo

Another fun thing I did this weekend was go to the Small Press Expo with Don – two of the webcomics I read were there, so I got autographed books, yay! One was: ie: Don and I got our friend Mike an autographed book because this comic is so his sense of humor. The … Continue Reading →

iphone picture post + Beatles Rock Band Party!

I spent a while today cutting back the dahlias which are growing totally out of control. I hate doing it, because it means cutting off flowers. But at least I can stick them in vases! There were a lot – check out the armful of them! There are still plenty on the actual plants too! So what else have I … Continue Reading →


Still lots of dahlias blooming!


Here’s a long overdue public DragonCon post! If you read about DragonCon elsewhere, you can obviously skip this! But it’s a nice in-order post – the others were all pretty scattered between pics and stories about the Con. So look if you want! :-) Also, this is really really long. But at least now I’m finally really done with DragonCon … Continue Reading →


Hubble Hardware

Hubble stuff Cradle from the payload bay Robots! Centrifuge

iphone pics + Goddard tour

Wanted to post a few pics from before DragonCon before posting DragonCon pics! A butterfly on my dahlias Our pigeon visitor from tea Goddard tour that Don and I took because we’d never really done it before. Science on a Sphere I made those signs! The real ISIM structure for JWST. It holds the instruments. Step away from the bubble … Continue Reading →

Birthdays and other things

There were a million August birthdays! Here was Steve’s. Don (and Jennifer) and I successfully pulled off ‘Project Jabberwocky’ and I think Steve enjoyed it. It’s not really worth explaining the joke, really. :-) Then it was Doug’s birthday! We went into DC for the day. Lunch at Oyamel… And two exhibits, one of 16th c Spanish royal armor and … Continue Reading →

Set phasers on fun!

All set to geek out at DragonCon. Did I mention Scott is awesome for helping me out with the pockets? Posted via