iphone picture post + Beatles Rock Band Party!

I spent a while today cutting back the dahlias which are growing totally out of control. I hate doing it, because it means cutting off flowers. But at least I can stick them in vases! There were a lot – check out the armful of them! There are still plenty on the actual plants too!

So what else have I been up to?

Lunch out for our friend Alan’s birthday:

I already posted about Beatles Rock Band, yay!

Even Starbucks is selling the remasters!


Laura’s going away lunch:

I liked this doll from the doll show – complete with piano. No one say it’s creepy even if you think it is!

This was pretty!

I love this license plate. It’s an astronomy reference!

My friend/co-worker Sara and I went to a tweet-up at NASA HQ in DC. The crew of STS-127 was there. It was pretty cool!

Here’s HQ:

Emmys from the moon landing broadcasts:

Frank Borman’s space suit:

X-15 suit:



I like the Tweet-Up graphic:

From lunch at an Indian restaurant. This is their dessert offering:

Yesterday we had Beatles Fest ’09. Katie, Janine, and Ron traveled from Cleveland and North Carolina for a Beatles Rock Band party, with a few other local friends. We had a great time!

Janine and I in our Pepper jackets, but with fake mustaches:

We made Rob sing one of Ringo’s tunes as he drummed – Janine held the mic for him!


Rob had to leave early, but Don and Ed came over after he left. Everyone looks very focused in this pic:

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