And a few pics from Friday

There was a cool sky!

Another misc iPhone picture post

This was a pretty sunset over the Beltway. I was heading to Alexandria for dinner with Janine! Cool Halloween window! Interesting Presidents picture in a shop window. The Tweet-up I went to at NASA HQ. We had an exclusive chance to talk to the astronauts on the space station live.  We also got to talk to another astronaut in Houston … Continue Reading →

Misc iPhone picture post

I now have a lot of fabric, thanks to’s silk taffeta sale! Also, how many fandoms can you spot? There’s Voltron, The Tick, the Beatles, Star Wars, Hello Kitty… Trees at work… Mike eats a balute! Yuck! Don scares the hell out of Ed at tea Ed looks unamused a iPhone picture taking at dinner. This was before going … Continue Reading →

Poe funeral, part 1

I don’t think I posted these here. My friends and attended the funeral they held for Poe up in Baltimore, in our 1840s costumes. We were also asked to be mourners in the funeral procession.

A Trip to Excess

After lunch on Friday, Ed, John, Don, and I took a trip over to Excess, a magical warehouse where the Ark of the Covenant is hidden old computers and equipment are stored. We went in search of cables and a monitor, but found much much more. This case, with combination lock, marked “Halliburton” and “Handle with Great Care” contained a … Continue Reading →

iPhone picture post, part 2

More garden flowers! The design on the Beatles shirt I got in Vegas at the Love store. I love these variagated dahlias! Buildings 1, 2, and 3 in 1961! That’s Werner von Braun in Building 2, plus James Webb was just named NASA Administrator! John Lennon b-day lunch at pretentious new place. Willow! She’s a happy cat!

iPhone picture post, part 1

Some pics from the last few weeks! Some odd looking clouds… Let’s hear it for Bacon Salt! Kosher, vegetarian, low sodium, and out of focus! Why there were four chickens in the back of this person’s pickup at work, I don’t know. Yay for BLT Wednesday! Joe is stylin’ in a sweater vest he hasn’t worn since high school. A … Continue Reading →

More Dahlias?

I hope the frost holds out for a while, there are so many flowers blooming right now!