SnOMG, Snowpocalypse 2010

We shoveled last night at 9pm, but it was like we hadn’t done anything today. Doug shoveled some early and then we did the whole driveway and cleared both cars at 11:30 or so. I measured 25″ then, but it’s been steadily snowing since then, so maybe another few inches.

iphone picture post, part 4

Doug and I went to see ABT do Romeo & Juliet at the Kennedy Centre at the end of January. It was awesome and somehow Row G ended up being front row! The pit orchestra was right in front of us! It was really awesome, and Juliet Kent was amazing! Here are some costumes from R&J that were on display … Continue Reading →

iPhone picture post, part 3

We had a poster party at work! We posed a few pics with our friends looking interested in our poster. This evening was really pretty. The sun was setting behind me and the sky was all orange and yellow. In front of me, the moon was coming up and the sky was purple and blue. This does it no justice. … Continue Reading →

IPhone picture post, part 2

Look, I got an award! Willow napping by my legs… Big piece of ice! Can I show off my Beatles Rock Band scores? 932 note streak!! This does not come without a price. This is drum pedal #1. (with metal plate removed) We bought a replacement which also broke. I have to send it back. EA Games sent a replacement … Continue Reading →

iPhone picture post, part 1

Here’s what I’ve been up to for the last month or so! With all the building moves (and all of us being in different buildings) we’ve started trying out tea in other buildings. This is the first one in the new building… Me and Willow. She was napping peacefully til the camera came out! Game night! After taking hours to … Continue Reading →