RHS-TV, the studio

One more of my high school TV studio – you can see the big tally board from the telethon in the background.


Someone on Facebook just posted a group pic from our high school TV station! Not sure if this was yearbook or from the RHS-TV telethon? I’m right in the middle. This is probably 10th grade? Good times!

Mt. Goddard update

Mt. Goddard is much reduced, but still there!

Cleanroom pics

So, because of all the construction noise, I took a walk over to the cleanroom to see what was going on! They moved the ISIM up to the front of the clean room. This is the box that will hold all of JWST’s instruments. This is the flight one too – so it’s the real thing. They’re testing it right … Continue Reading →

iphone pic post, part 2

St. Patrick’s Day. I approve of John’s shirt! John, Don and I went on a scavenging trip to the trailer where their offices used to be. It was kind of post-apocalyptic in there. Kevin and I got some recording done last week. We drank Holy Grail Ale! (Tempered over burning witches!) Kevin gave us all Mic stand beer cosys for … Continue Reading →

iphone pic post, part 1

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately! I loved this ep of Big Bang Theory where they fought over a One Ring! Don and my new office. This was the day before we moved in. This is not the right office furniture but we are stuck with it. This is the office next door, which only has one person in … Continue Reading →

iPhone pic post

New JWST print materials