iphone picture post (spring, friends, work)

It was spring and it was pretty! We saw a little snake outside our building… Kevin had a cookout – here’s 3/5 of the band… We went to Pittsburgh for Easter. The two youngest nephews were so noisy I hid in the car with my book. Which was awesome. If you haven’t read The Hunger Games/Catching Fire, you must! We … Continue Reading →

Sgt Pepper

Check it out – Mike from The Return sent me pics of the costumes lordofhaladin, amaz0n-princess and I made for them last year! (Jess did most of the work. Janine bought fabric and trim, I bought all the medals, badges and made the lanyard thingies, Jess sewed the actual suits – and we all trimmed them.) I was really excited … Continue Reading →

Spring flowers

Just a few! I didn’t take that many of my tulips and daffodils this year – just no time. But I got a few. The daffodils are done, and so are the tulips, but my iris is blooming. And the dahlias are starting to come up, yay!

Fort Fred

The day after the tea, we got dressed up and went to the 18th century market at Fort Fred! Late the next morning some of us headed up to Fort Fred for the 18th century market. I wore my new linen dress, one of the antique chemises, my hat from The Patriot, and the fichu from . Here we are … Continue Reading →

18th century tea

There might have been more champagne than tea…