Florida Beach vacation post: Sunday

Mostly just read, and hung out in the pool and the ocean, though we did go to Fish Camp for lunch. Best dive seafood place ever…

Florida Beach vacation post: beach

So, after dinner, which was the traditional Manny’s pizza (they have the best Greek salads), we took a walk on the beach and watched the sun set…

Florida Beach vacation post: settling in to Florida

After lunch, we headed to New Smyrna to the condo. We had different ones this year. Ours has a really uncomforable bed so my back hurts today. Sciatica? Or is it lumbago? Plus no wireless. The main condo is also different. Less convenient than the usual, but with a terrific view. He managed to not die! (We were sure he … Continue Reading →

Florida Beach vacation post: day 2, Part I

Yesterday morning we didn’t have much time, but we did go on a little trail. Not for long, it was too hot. Then we headed briefly to Space View Park to where we watched the shuttle launch last year! You can just make out the VAB in the distance. Then we met the family for lunch at… Dixie Crossroads. This … Continue Reading →

vacation post: heading to Florida

Aw, Willow wants to come with us! She equates boxes with her carrier, and she’ll hop in (in this case the recycle bin) if she thinks we’re leaving… These paintings at BWI remind me of WMAP data… The Florida coastline Dixie Crossroads! Corn balls! Sunset in Titusville..

iphone picture post (all sorts of stuff)

I fed my friend’s cat while he was away. I thought the cat was giving me a funny look. :-) We have this store at work that has all kinds of nutty things in it. Here’s a sample: This must have been there since the 70s. “Glamorous hair protection frames face in soft beauty”. Really?

iphone picture post (cats, birthday lunches, Scrabble, Lost, Visqueen concert, water warnings,etc)

Here’s what I was up to in May/early June! Being Basement Cat is so tiring… this is my friend Kevin’s cat.


My b-day was on Wed and amaz0n_princess and laughingmagpie got me the most amazing b-day present! It’s Victorian! You guys are amazing – thank you both so much!

One Prairie Outpost

We were reduced to a trio tonight at band rehersal, so for fun we did a version of a song we like to cover (Carbon Leaf’s “One Prairie Outpost”) with just two guitars and a bass. And singing, of course. This isn’t anything fancy and we only did 2 takes – this is the 2nd one. :-) https://soundcloud.com/naked-singularity/one-prairie-outpost-cover?in=naked-singularity/sets/covers-641

Air Show

In May, Doug and I went to an Air Show at Andrews AFB with Steve, Mindy, and their kids. I didn’t take a ton of pics, but here are some:

Abbey Road on the River 2010

Here’s a big write-up on Abbey Road on the River – it’s just basically my iphone posts all pasted into one, so I’ll have them on this journal. My friend/drummer Rob and I met Katie and family at AROTR! My work friend, Sara got me this bag!