One Prairie Outpost

We were reduced to a trio tonight at band rehersal, so for fun we did a version of a song we like to cover (Carbon Leaf’s “One Prairie Outpost”) with just two guitars and a bass. And singing, of course. This isn’t anything fancy and we only did 2 takes – this is the 2nd one. :-)

Air Show

In May, Doug and I went to an Air Show at Andrews AFB with Steve, Mindy, and their kids. I didn’t take a ton of pics, but here are some:

Abbey Road on the River 2010

Here’s a big write-up on Abbey Road on the River – it’s just basically my iphone posts all pasted into one, so I’ll have them on this journal. My friend/drummer Rob and I met Katie and family at AROTR! My work friend, Sara got me this bag!