Abbey Road on the River 2010

Here’s a big write-up on Abbey Road on the River – it’s just basically my iphone posts all pasted into one, so I’ll have them on this journal.

My friend/drummer Rob and I met Katie and family at AROTR!

My work friend, Sara got me this bag!

Same huge suite as last year!

Lotta shirts!

Paul in India. 1968 was a good year for him!

The River:

A charming Scottish band!

Dancing Lady! She’s there every year!

I want this dress!


Really? John stole stuff all the time! A guitar, a harmonica in Amsterdam…



The Repeatles. They played classic rock and Beatles

Love Me Deux – awesome harmonies and guitar. And she played You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away right!


Ice Cream!

Our German friend from last year has a new band – lots of classic rock and misc stuff.

He played the guitar behind his head! Awesome!

And they have snazzy outfits!

And the Norwegian Beatles – their guitarist is incredible. I remember him from last year!

They closed with While My Guitar, which was as phenomenal as last year. I got some video of the solos.

Look, it’s my guitar almost! They had a whole big display of Gretsches.

Mario daSilva and son, both of whom play amazing flamenco guitar…

Christmas in May, lolwhut? This is on display at our hotel…

Abbey Road Live does… Abbey Road! Live! They’re awesome too!

Instant Karma. Their guitarist died recently. Really sad. They had two guys filling in. Also, their bass player is really fantastic. Very melodic.

Also Instant Karma, from above…

Yellow Submorons

We crashed around midnight because we were so tired! It’s going to be hot today again! Eep!

Here’s what I did yesterday!

Instant Karma. We sat in the shrinking shade. Holy cow was it hot yesterday! It stayed oppressively muggy all night too!

We went to the front of the stage because it was shady there.

Meet the Beetles had a fake Ed Sullivan. And shade.

German guy’s band. We caught the end of their set…

Cool tshirt…

Cute Scottish band plays Revolver. Charming accents!

BritBeat in their awesome Pepper costumes.

Abbey Road Live

We had to leave early for the Sub-Moron’s parade, which gets bigger every year! Behold, blurry pics!

Yesterday I also went to a talk on the Beatles in India and the White Album, and an interview with Abbey Road Live. Indoors in the AC.

There were lots of concert late last night too. After we rested up, we went back out. The Repeatles were playing The Who and other British bands:

The strings that played with Abbey Road Live were playing Back in the USSR here. I also caught Maxwell’s Silver Hammer:

There were all these singalongs going on in the breezeway. This one was playing Badfinger:

Also caught Norwegian Beatles in time for While My Guitar again and Golden Slumber through The End.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday…

Abbey Road Live! The front row was nearly the only shady place.

The talented Love Me Deux:

Like George’s first Gretsch.



I was so isolated I assumed this headline referred to Paul McCartney at first glance.

The Repeatles. They played a lot of Who and other classic rock. I caught their set just in time for “Feel a Whole Lot Better”!

Instant Karma’s last show ever. :-( The speeches about Mark and everything were so sad. Not many dry eyes.

I stayed for part of the set and then headed over and sat in the front row for Norwegian Beatles.

Partway through their set, I felt a drop of rain. Then 2. Then the sky opened up! I and the others in the audience raced over to a shelter to one side. The band waved at us from the stage. Then the wind started blowing the rain sideways, we ran for the cover of the hotel, and the band ran for the beer shack.The lightning and thunder were right on top of each other!!

Because of the rain, they had to juggle the concert schedule, so the big White Album show by All You Need is Love was moved to the big ballroom.

It took forever for them to set up and it was really warm. I ended up buying a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and split it with Rob and Katie, which kept us cool. Well, we ate part of it, the rest was a melty mess!

The crowded room:

The concert started with the singer taking out the record and putting it on. He flipped it or changed it when appropriate. It was pretty cool.

It was really cool hearing 1000 people sing Obla-di Obla-da at the top of their lungs. It was a little weird hearing 1000 people shout “Why Don’t We Do It In the Road” at the top of their lungs too.

This is the final singalong concert which went til 2am!

Monday there wasn’t as much going on, though I did get to see Timeline and got to say goodbye to both German guy (who we ran into at Breakfast) and to one of the Scots who I ran into at lunch.

All in all I had a great time, despite the heat!

Here are some pics from my good camera! I always having fun playing “Linda McCartney” and photographing musicians. :-)







Abbey Road on the River:







Instant Karma:



Luv Me Deux:

Norwegian Beatles:


More Revolver: