A few videos from Florida

Here are two videos I took in Florida – one of the sunset and one of the Man-o-war. I actually took a little video of that gorgeous sunset and rainbow. It was so beautiful. DOUBLE RAINBOW! Here’s a quick vid of the Portuguese Man-o-War we saw on the beach!

Trip Report: Florida, part 4

So we’d hardly gotten any sunsets on the beach as dinner was always running so late. We were rewarded last night with one of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen. The clouds were low and looked like a city on the horizon. And a rainbow developed out over the ocean! (DOUBLE RAINBOW WHAT DOES IT MEAN??!!) We walked on the … Continue Reading →

Trip Report: Florida, part 3

These pretty flowers were by the stairs up from the beach.

Trip Report: Florida, part 2

Ok, here’s more pics! Thursday morning we went kayaking again.

Trip Report: Florida, part 1

Yup, I still have more pics! These are from my good camera. The Florida coastline: