Picture post June/July

Just tying up some loose ends…

Here’s what I was up to!

Last thing I posted was I think about the 4th of July. Here’s a pic with me in it from the fireworks on the 3rd.

So, at work, we sometimes all order out BLT’s. John’s officemate volunteered to go pick up the sandwiches. It was raining and I had a meeting right after lunch, and I was generally in a bad mood. Well, E took forever to get the sandwiches, and John, Don, and I were waiting in the lounge for him to come back. Don gets a phone call that E needs help, so Don and John head across the street to help him.

They come back a while later with the food and this picture. Somehow, E had managed to DRIVE OVER THE MEDIAN. For the life of me, I don’t know how he missed that he was up on the curb before he ended up straddling it.

Another pic of our crazy construction-filled hallway. This is our plywood wall.

Before he headed out traveling again, I had a nice lunch to catch up with my ex-officemate Joe:

Mmm… Mongolian Grill from Chanan’s…

Kevin’s cat – so peaceful! We were over there for a BBQ on a Saturday – and they had so much food we went back over for dinner on Saturday! There were mojitos. Made with mint Kevin transplanted from outside the cleanroom building at work, so Kevin called it Hubble Mint!

Kevin’s wife Jenna with the cat (Raoul is the cat). He looks very comfortable.

There are wild blackberries a few blocks away and we pass them when we take walks in the evening. We just caught them in time to get some berries! They were only ripe for a week!

So one day we were at tea at the picnic table. Craig pulls up and gets out and then we see all these firetrucks racing somewhere. We joked “What, did you set your building on fire before you drove over here?” But then it turned out that the firetrucks were heading our way. They set up in front of our building, but there was no fire alarm or anything.

After a few minutes of this, I thought, you know, maybe I should go back inside and get my back and car keys. So I go in the back way, grab my stuff and then head downstairs and out the front. Everything inside is quiet. Lots of people still working, no alarms.

And then they stop me on the way out to say that we were all possibly exposed to something and we should all stick around. They asked us all if we felt sick (no) and as people came out of the building, they’d tell people to stick around. I had Don call the guy in the office next to us, who was still in there. And we stuck around. They’d gather us all around periodically to tell us not to leave, and that they didn’t know what was going on, other than that they got a phone call about a possible chemical spill and that they couldn’t find the person who had called. But they didn’t know anything else and that we couldn’t leave. They had guys in Hazmat suits and everything. Finally, like 45 minutes later, they put the fire alarm on so other people came out of the building. But I couldn’t believe it took them so long. They even put in a PA system in all the buildings. Did they use it? No.

Anyway, finally, they let us go, telling us if we feel sick to go to the hospital. They also didn’t appear to be letting anyone back in the building so I was really glad I had my stuff!

Don found a blog post by one of the responders the next day that basically said it was water from an air conditioner leak. And two days later they emailed the building to tell them as much.

It was crazy. I didn’t so much object to them keeping us there – but for people who were really paranoid about the situation, I couldn’t believe they didn’t warn anyone else in the building!

Look, it’s Jim’s birthday!

Craig tried to rescue one of our co-workers from an all-day meeting, while Don and I evesdropped.

I splurged on some ball-jointed doll clothes from Haute Doll and when they arrived, my Mom and I spent all day playing with them!

So fun! Those are shoes!

We took my parents out for Mexican – I had to have a mojito again.

Mike stopped by for tea in his Flag shirt!

Our friend who drove the car over the median? He ate this the other day. This is uncooked ramen noodles with peanut butter spread over them!

Here’s a sneak peek behind-the-scenes of the Hubble Gotchu thing they filmed. This is in NASCOM which I’ve never been in:

Ok, it’s only a white jumpsuit with Yankees patches and stuff – but I got a kick out of carrying the some of the costume stuff when I was helping them haul their stuff around!

And here’s me with the Hubble Gotchu guy!

We got this for our trip to China! It’s loaded up with books and movies now!

It came in handy when we were hit with this storm. Yes, that’s an iphone pic of an ipad!

Our power went out for something like 8 hours. Though one of my friends was out for several days! We watched movies on the ipad, and while we had wireless (til the UPS went), we used it for the internet.

For dinner, we fired up the charcoal grill and grilled our leftover pizza! It tasted good:

It didn’t seem to bother Willow:

The storm went by pretty fast but the power stayed out long after! The sky was pretty that night:

The next day at work, John went to put his officemate’s leftover coffee in the freezer and was startled to find this:

darthed‘s power was still out, so he loaded the freezer with his stuff from home! It was a good idea, actually. But it was funnily unexpected. Ed’s lucky we didn’t help ourselves to his Klondike bars. ;-)

My parents came for a visit and so my Mom could go with me to the Crowded House concert. I showed them around at work. Ed came along and he took this pic of us with the big vacuum chamber:

A few cleanroom pics – the ISIM and a piece of the backplane from JWST:

And the backplane segment – the mirrors will be mounted on these eventually.

I love Crowded House so much.

At Wolf Trap in VA:

Don put a webcam in our office window so that he can see out since he faces the door:


I’ve been having fun with various iphone photo apps.

Here’s Shake It:

pic by Janine:

Another one of Harry Potter World:

Hipstamatic. Don making a funny face:

John and the lounge with another hipstamatic lens:


Doug had to go to another meeting (this one in Nashville), which is why he couldn’t go to Crowded House. Since he was still away, I went out to dinner with some friends. Don’s being a smartass by rolling his eyes. Also, John and Beth are moving back to NYC. We’re really going to miss them, and miss John at work! :-(