DragonCon 2010 trip report – Monday

So I hardly took any pics Monday! We woke up, and had to get back into Glee Gaga again for J-9’s Amber’s video shoot. Betsy came up and we sewed Michelle into her costume for a 3rd time, and then had to take the stairs 25 flights down because the elevators had such a long wait! We booked over to … Continue Reading →

DragonCon 2010 trip report – Sunday

Sunday morning, we woke up a little before 10. I got a text from penwiper337 that she was wearing her Don’t Blink Dr. Who costume, which I had missed at least twice now. So I threw on some jeans and ran down to the lobby to see her! Oh, and mailed some postcards:

DragonCon 2010 trip report – Saturday

Saturday morning was the parade, which, as usual, I skipped in favor of sleep. :-( The weather was really nice on Saturday, actually, so it was a good day for it. We met on 10 for another dance rehearsal and to take some pics! Here is jainamsolo as Penny from the Big Bang Theory:

DragonCon 2010 trip report – Thursday and Friday

Here’s Thursday and Friday at DragonCon! At BWI: There were a whole bunch of people clearly going to DragonCon. The guy with the equations on this shirt. The woman with the rectangular green headdress. The woman wearing steampunk goggles and carrying a steampunk mask with feathers…