DragonCon 2010 trip report – Monday

So I hardly took any pics Monday!

We woke up, and had to get back into Glee Gaga again for J-9’s Amber’s video shoot. Betsy came up and we sewed Michelle into her costume for a 3rd time, and then had to take the stairs 25 flights down because the elevators had such a long wait! We booked over to the Suntrust Bank and attempted to do our dance on the hard marble stairs, which HURT! Plus I think we were all tired!

We all said our goodbyes and some of us decided we’d meet up later for lunch.

Michelle, Doug, and I finished showering, packing, and the timing was actually perfect with a late 1pm check out. We took our bags down, checked out, stowed Michelle’s suitcase, and then headed down another level to FedEx Michelle’s giant bubble dress box home. It was really expensive. O_o Then we headed for the food court and we were able to have a last lunch with a bunch of friends that were still around. I didn’t take a pic, but clearly should have.

Caitlin was still wearing her Glee costume and realized that it made a pretty good Hyperbole and a Half cosplay!

After lunch, we took the MARTA over to the airport with princesslesa and Terry – and that was the end of our awesome weekend!

Let’s see, what did I leave out? At some point, probably Saturday, Ed, Michelle and I hit the exhibit hall, and I snagged a set of (repro) Hard Day’s Night lobby cards! Woohoo!

I wanted to thank belluthien for being awesome and driving my Glee costume to DragonCon for me. And I wanted to thank macbeemer for being awesome and driving it back.

And to all of you guys for being awesome.

This year was kind of crazy in that I got to practically no panels – and I always felt like I was neglecting someone – but DragonCon always tears your attention in 16 different directions. So I’m sorry if that happened! As always, you all made DragonCon so worthwhile!