DragonCon 2010 trip report – Sunday

Sunday morning, we woke up a little before 10. I got a text from penwiper337 that she was wearing her Don’t Blink Dr. Who costume, which I had missed at least twice now. So I threw on some jeans and ran down to the lobby to see her!

Oh, and mailed some postcards:

(This was the day we were going to document our day every half hour, but the day was seriously CRAZY, so it was epic fail for me. Though the above pic was my first effort!)

Here are a bunch of iphone pics (I have more on the other camera):




And, oh, that girl in the Glee shirt was our biggest fan later on!







Later on, we had another dance practice!


Betsy was wearing her Bellatrix costume and we got this great shot of her with the crazy eyes!


Next Michelle and I changed into our regular Glee costumes and raced off to have lunch with archaeologist_d!

After lunch, we raced off to join our Glee group. We ran into Gen in her angel costume again, and I found this picture of me walking next to a stone angel amusing.

Glee! I’m sure there are more pics out there!







A few more of Gen:




After Glee, we decided we’d better try and get a look at the stage we’d be on. We had to sit and wait for a while, but eventually the panel that was in there finished, and the DragonCon staff was nice enough to let us stand on it. Good thing we did, because while it was very wide, it was way more narrow than we’d been practicing. We had to wing it because there was no practice time, but at least we got a look!

After that, I did end up squeeking in my regency costume by meeting up with archaeologist_d and Gen at 3, and we stood around by Starbucks, which ended up being a good spot, because we ran into most of our friends and had people ask for our picture a bunch of times! We ended up being out for at least an hour, maybe 2, before I was too tired to stay standing!








We saw some good costumes while we were standing there too – this woman is a friend of friends, and I never really met her, but her costumes (the ones I saw) were amazing. She did the book-version of Laurie from Watchmen that was perfect. This Willie costume from Temple of Doom was amazing – AND she made it. She sewed all those sequins! My pic sucks, sorry.

sirrogue and jainamsolo‘s father and brother:

(Also, they are geniuses because those cups stick to that tray magnetically!


We even caught J-9 and hubby in their 40s classic Superman/Lois Lane costumes! (No, they’re not zombies, they are black and white!)

At some point, I managed to catch a picture of scotia_sammyjo‘s awesome Luna/Gryffindor lion hat! Awesome!

After getting out of regency, we watched a Eureka panel on TV (it was what was on) and napped and relaxed. Doug was awesome and went and got some food – and then pretty soon, it was time to get our stuff and get to the greenroom for the Masquerade!

The lobster must be protected!

Here’s me and Jess sewing Michelle into her costume again!

We all had to change in the corner of this relatively small greenroom (for the number of people in it) …


… we were so organized though – we brought a blanket to hold up for people to change, and we had sewing Michelle into her costume down to a science!


We had 4 awesome handlers to help us get ready and keep us going – sirrogue, rvnclw75, Ron and Doug.

Aw, and there’s Doug in the background! And Caitlin blinking!





After we got ready, they took us in to have our pictures taken professionally. (Wonder what will happen to those?) Then they sat us behind the stage. We had a screen, so we could see the Masquerade in progress, though we couldn’t hear it well.



After a looong time, we got to line up. When it was almost time to go on, we psyched ourselves up and the excitement of that and the actual performance was something I won’t forget. It was so amazing. It went by very quickly as we’d expected!

After that, we had another long wait – 10 or so entries after us, and then the judging. We sat and talked and then I went and sat with Doug and Christina, who were watching our stuff and chatted with them for a while. When the judges came back, I went back over to the group and we sat and watched people get called onto the stage – and then that was it! No, we didn’t win anything. We were surprised, and I suppose a little disappointed, because we’d had such an awesome crowd reaction. But honestly, we entered for fun, and all I wanted was for us to not be *that* lame dance group, or get booed. Or for someone to fall or fall off the stage. Winning would have been a bonus and that’s it, so it didn’t take away from anything. I think we’ve all seen/been in enough costume contests to know how they go and that winning or losing doesn’t always reflect on what you did or didn’t do.

Here’s a few vids.

This is from the side, not the front, so the effect of the line isn’t great. Whoever did the tech work on the official one, that got broadcast knew what they were doing because they knew exactly who to focus on and when, like they’d not only seen, but studied the Glee episode.

If we’re out of time with each other a bit it’s because we could barely hear the music on stage (no monitors?) and if it weren’t for the audience clapping…

We start at 10 minutes in:

From backstage:

From closer to center front, but the end is chopped off:

The screen during the reairing of the Masquerade:

Another view:

Amber’s video:

Here’s the real video from Glee (it’s mirror imaged for some reason though). Amber worked *really* hard on learning and then teaching us all our individual parts, which are very close to what you see here (and in the concert video). We did a second Rachel (YAY!), so we stayed near each other. In the concert tour, Lea Michele wore the “diva” Rachel costume, not the stuffed animal one, so by having both, we were accurate to both the concert and TV show. ;-)

This is a pic one of the judges at the Masq tweeted (she is on Eureka). Oh, and Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar from Star Trek) was a judge too and she taped us with her camera. Why we won nothing is a mystery since the crowed (and they apparently) liked us!


From Flickr:
(more here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fireflyfan/4972353941/in/set-72157624788038395/)
Dragon*Con 2010 Masquerade

After that, we lined up to go into the photo pit. That worked out fairly well. While we were waiting on line, we started reminiscing about last year’s Thriller and we went through a good chunk of it, to the amusement of the rest of the line.

From Flickr:
(more: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fireflyfan/4973047240/in/set-72157624788038395/)
Dragon*Con 2010 Masquerade

Oh, and there was also a very nice guy dressed like the kid from Up. He was *perfect*. He had every detail on his costume. It was so cool. He didn’t win either. I’m sure I have pics of him on the other camera. :-)

From Rogue’s camera:




After some pictures, we headed back to change because we were all exhausted.

Also, we’ve got a jumper!

Caitlin and Rogue’s roommate Jen had a gorgeous Inara Shindig costume:

They were locking down the hotel and checking badges Sunday night because of a fight in the Marriott – we, of course, didn’t have our badges, because they were with our stuff, which had been taken up to Rogue and Caitlin’s suite.

Christina stayed with us through the photos, and they’d arranged for Rogue to collect all of our badges to escort us back to the suite to change.

He was wearing all of them. It was hilarious!

Also, last year, when we did Sgt Pepper, we’d realized the only way to move through the crowds was to form a conga line, so we wouldn’t get separated.

This year our costumes were too bulky, so we just held hands and made a human chain. Which was funny because with Pepper there were 4 of us plus a few friends. This time, we had 8 Gagas, plus Doug, Ron, Rogue, and Christina – so we made quite a human chain!

We rode up the elevator (protect the lobster!)



Rogue and Caitlin and friends had gotten a big suite due to being compensated for a hotel screwup, so they invited everyone over to watch the Masquerade re-run. It was great that so many friends showed up and I got the chance to talk with sidhe_etain for more than a few minutes! She wore her gorgeous Moonacre dress which made me really happy!



We ordered pizza and had a great time.

We also taped ourselves watching ourselves on the Masquerade, which was hilarious.



It wasn’t til we were winding down that the crazy stuff started happening.

J-9, Ron, and barbossas_wench decided to go down to bed. Cassandra, Caitlin, Rogue, and some others decided to go ride the elevator.

Rogue and Caitlin returned not long later.

J-9 texted just after that saying not to ride the elevator. They had ridden downstairs with some drunk idiots, and when they got off, some security lady tried to yank Jen’s badge off her. Basically the three of them got associated with the drunk idiots, even though they’d done nothing wrong. Ron had to get all lawyer-y to get Jen’s badge back (which the lady had to right to yank off her person). It was kind of a mess. We’d heard all sorts of stories about the fights and floors (like 10) being cleared. Crazy stuff.

Now I’m hearing all these stories about the LSU football fans being the ones causing a lot of these problems. The fights. J-9 and Betsy getting groped in an elevator. (Totally not kidding.) And now another LJ friend posted about being assaulted by drunk LSU fans. Seriously, WTF? DragonCon, you really need better security, or to not have drunk football fans on site.