Spring Photos

Spring photos anyone?

Florida Trip Report – Monday

Monday we had breakfast at the Grand Floridian. Unfortunately there was an hour wait, despite having a reservation – and it ate up a lot of our time at the parks, which was really limited.

Florida Trip Report – Sunday (half marthon, Hollywood Studios, Epcot)

Sunday morning started early for everyone (though earlier for some). Doug, Betsy, Christina, and I were trying to meet up with Raj and Jen at the Polynesian – but every road we tried into Disney was blocked for the race. We had a back route planned but they foiled even that. It took us 40 minutes to work our way … Continue Reading →

Florida Trip Report – Saturday (5k, Disney, Epcot)

We went to bed early Friday because Saturday was an early day. Earlier for amaz0n_princess and rvnclw75 who were running the 5k. I pretty much just pulled on some jeans and put on a sweater over what I slept in. And then put my tiara on. :-) There were a lot of people back at the start line there!

Florida Trip Report – Friday (breakfast, Harry Potter)

Friday morning we all met up for breakfast at The Polynesian at Ohana. These character meals, of which we did several, were SO expensive. But I have to say the food was awesome. Ohana had fairly standard breakfast fare, but the eggs were so good I had seconds (the food is served family style) and the Mickey shaped waffles were … Continue Reading →

Florida Trip Report – Thursday

On February 24, 2011 the space shuttle had a successful launch – it also happened to be Discovery’s last flight. It was actually coincidentala that I was in Florida on the day of the launch. My friends and I had made plans ages ago for the Disney Princess half-marathon. Some of our group were running in it and some of … Continue Reading →