Hurricane Irene

Well, that was exciting. An earthquake and a hurricane in one week. The power stayed on until about 4:30 yesterday and then it went off for 3 hours. It came back one for an hour and then off again. And then back on. Until 9:45 when it went off completely. And then the wind really picked up. We probably had … Continue Reading →


I was really tired last night, so I went to bed early (for me) at 12:30 or so. Something woke me up though, and I realized that there was a sound like a train going by. And the house was shaking. It took me a bit to focus and realize, yes, we were having another earthquake! I woke Doug up … Continue Reading →


I thought it was a pretty cool experience since I’ve always wanted to feel one and we just don’t have them out here very often, and when we do, they’re so minor you either sleep right through them, or wonder if a truck drove by. This was unmistakeable though! I had gotten to a meeting early and was sitting with … Continue Reading →

Southern California – SeaWorld, part 2

The sea lions and seals were SUCH beggars! This guy’s strategy was to just bellow at the top of his voice for fish.

Southern California – SeaWorld, part 1

Saturday night we were able to meet up with Caitlin and Rogue for dinner in San Diego which was awesome! We had a nice meal and then had Ghiradelli ice cream:

Southern California: Palomar

Saturday we drove down towards San Diego, with a sidetrip to Palomar! Here’s a glimpse of the Pacific: and then the mountains:

Southern California: Disneyland!

Doug was out in CA for back-to-back conferences, so I went out the weekend between them. I had a late flight on Thursday night – and saw this lovely sunset:

Oh, Willow…

So yesterday, when we got home from my doctor appointment, Doug and I stood in front of the house trying to decide if we actually needed to go in for anything before heading for work. He happened to look in our kitchen window and saw this: That white lump on the kitchen table is Willow. And this is apparently what … Continue Reading →

Meeting Cate & Hugo

Yesterday a bunch of us went to see Cate Blanchett and Hugo Weaving in a production of Uncle Vanya at the Kennedy Center in DC! Koji (of Hello Kitty fame) organized it because he’s a big Cate fan. He was very excited. I had decided that we needed to get Cate to sign his arm so he could get the … Continue Reading →

Florida, post 10

So, to taking advantage of our park hoppers, we headed off to the Animal Kingdom, where it promptly started raining. It never got too bad though, so we stuck it out, enjoying seeing all the different animals. Black Swan!

Florida, post 9

After our day at Epcot, we stayed in the Galleria Palms hotel, which is nearby Disney and is where we stayed for Disney Princess half last February. We had an uneventful night and in the morning, we brought our stuff out to the car and saw this from the parking lot:

Florida, part 8

Ok, back to Epcot! Let’s head to England!