Florida, Part 7

More Epcot! Mission Space:

Florida, part 6

Doug and I spent our first day at Disney at Epcot. We had one day left on my parkhopper pass from the Princess half. So we decided we’d get one-park passes for the first day and then use my parkhopper and buy Doug one for the second. So here is Epcot!

Florida, part 5

Our beach vacation ended early as we’d planned. Next we headed to Titusville to see the shuttle and have lunch with Doug’s parents at Dixie Crossroads: At Canaveral National Seashore:

Florida, part 4

Back to the beach! We had this crazy intense storm the night we went out to our favorite Mexican place:

Florida, part 3

Back to posting about my June Florida trip. As you may recall, we arrived late to the beach because Doug had a work obligation that made us reschedule our vacation a bit. We found out when we got there, that there had been a shark sighting at the beach! Our family said a five foot shark was swimming around between … Continue Reading →