Southern California – SeaWorld, part 2

The sea lions and seals were SUCH beggars! This guy’s strategy was to just bellow at the top of his voice for fish.

Southern California – SeaWorld, part 1

Saturday night we were able to meet up with Caitlin and Rogue for dinner in San Diego which was awesome! We had a nice meal and then had Ghiradelli ice cream:

Southern California: Palomar

Saturday we drove down towards San Diego, with a sidetrip to Palomar! Here’s a glimpse of the Pacific: and then the mountains:

Southern California: Disneyland!

Doug was out in CA for back-to-back conferences, so I went out the weekend between them. I had a late flight on Thursday night – and saw this lovely sunset:

Oh, Willow…

So yesterday, when we got home from my doctor appointment, Doug and I stood in front of the house trying to decide if we actually needed to go in for anything before heading for work. He happened to look in our kitchen window and saw this: That white lump on the kitchen table is Willow. And this is apparently what … Continue Reading →