Hurricane Irene

Well, that was exciting.

An earthquake and a hurricane in one week.

The power stayed on until about 4:30 yesterday and then it went off for 3 hours. It came back one for an hour and then off again. And then back on. Until 9:45 when it went off completely. And then the wind really picked up.

We probably had 4-5 inches of rain (a friend in the next town over measured over 4) and lots of wind, and it was a little hard sleeping wondering if branches were going to come down on the cars, much as we tried to move them out of the way.

Also, we’ve lost more trees to storms (ice, snow, thunder) in the last 5 years than I have in all the years my parents had their house in NJ and all the years Doug’s parents have had their house in Pittsburgh. It’s crazy. We’ve had Arbor Vitae come down, white pines (since removed after branches caused some damage as they were right on top of the house). Another tall one in the back corner, the electric company took down (it was rotten and needed to come down anyway). And a gum tree in our front yard split and hit the house and damaged our gutters. So what’s left, right?

Well, this morning, I woke up to this view out our back window:


Yep, our mimosa tree came down. Totally uprooted, probably from all the rain. I’m really sad, as it was really pretty in the summer and attracted butterflies and hummingbirds.

And it also hit the house. Just with the upper branches which are lighter and we think it probably eased down as we didn’t hear or feel it hit, and it’s got some larger branches it was probably resting on.

We have our tree service (I swear, we’ve probably put their kids through college) coming tomorrow for an estimate.

We drove back and forth to the strip mall nearby several times today to recharge our phones in the car and try and get decent cell signal since it was non-existent at home, which was worse than usual. We also happened to run by a 7-11 early this morning when we were trying to charge phones and were able to get 4 bags of ice, so I don’t think we lost anything in the freezer/fridge. We got rid of some meat just in case, but everything else seems ok.

Power stayed off until about 9pm, so it was out anearly 24 hrs.

Anyway, here some pics of the tree and the house!

The house is under there somewhere: