Meeting Cate & Hugo

Yesterday a bunch of us went to see Cate Blanchett and Hugo Weaving in a production of Uncle Vanya at the Kennedy Center in DC! Koji (of Hello Kitty fame) organized it because he’s a big Cate fan. He was very excited. I had decided that we needed to get Cate to sign his arm so he could get the signature tattooed on, like Paul McCartney fans are doing these days. After the show (which, given that it was chekhov was depressing, but also surprisingly funny and the acting was good particularly by Cate and Hugo) we checked out the stage door and there were already people waiting there. We thought we might have to put in a lot of time, but by the time we wandered over, the youngest actress in the production was already out and signing programs.

And then Hugo came out! He took pics with people who asked and signed programs – and then, there was Cate! She seemed more reluctant to stay long, which was a little bit of a bummer because there weren’t very many people there (and it was the Kennedy Center, not Comic Con). And I think one person asked for a photo and she declined, so no one else asked. But she did sign a few programs on her way out. I had brought a sharpie just in case and it got used by a bunch of people for Hugo and Cate. I had made sure Koji had it when Cate went by and she signed his and then signed mine. As she signed mine, I said “Thank you very much, you were amazing” and she actually looked up at me before moving on. (She didn’t really look up at any one else.) She seemed a little nervous and shy (though she had people with her) but as she left, someone called out “We saw you in Streetcar last year!” (We had too, btw.) and she tossed back, “Glutton for punishment, eh?” and then she was gone.

So, pretty cool! Cate Blanchett and Hugo Weaving! (Cate’s is the scrawl at the top. Hugo’s is legible.)

Day 349 on 365 Project

Koji was very happy and seeing as how his birthday is on Sunday and also seeing as how we surprised him with yet another Hello Kitty cake at lunch, I think seeing Cate up close made his day! I also gave Koji the pen that she touched. :-)