DC Abbey Road on the River 2011

My consolation prize for not being able to attend DragonCon this year (I had to stay in town for treatment for the breast cancer I’d been recently diagnosed with. It sucked, but I’m fine now, it was caught early.) was that I was able to go to the DC Abbey Road on the River. This is something I’m obviously not usually in town for.

Overall, it wasn’t as good as Louisville, partly because of the venue, which was huge and very spread out, but mostly because my usual peeps weren’t there.

But I did see two friends I’d wanted to see, one being Billy, the artist Katie introduced Janine and I to when we visited her in Cleveland. He came to AROTR in May and was a lot of fun to hang out with, and he’s a great artist besides.

The other person I wanted to see was Kjetil, the bass player from Norwegian Beatles. We’d become friendly on Facebook and he just put out a solo album that I happen to think is really great. Anyway, Norwegian Beatles didn’t make it to the May AROTR in Louisville, so I was hoping to get a chance to say hi here.

BTW, if you want to listen to Kjetil’s songs on itunes, here’s a link:

And here on YouTube, two of my fav songs:

I was able to make it down there on Thursday evening since I figured Billy might need help setting things up, since he was on his own this time, and I arrived right in time to give him a hand. It was nice getting the chance to chat and hang out.

I went back on Friday evening and hung out with Billy for a while and then caught the Norwegian Beatles show. Afterwards I had the chance to catch up with Kjetil for a while, which was nice. My friend Rob showed up later on too, so that was also nice!

Saturday I had outpatient surgery, which went fine, and as I hoped, I felt well enough Sunday to go to AROTR for a bit.

Doug went with me on Sunday and since Billy was busy with lots of people in his tent, we hung out for a while, took in a few bands and waited for Rob to show up. I was able to catch Norwegian Beatles one more time and have a last chat with Kjetil before heading home, really tired out!

I didn’t take many pics, but I have a few iPhone ones, so here you go!


Pics from Friday night:






Pics from Sunday:

Apple Core:

All You Need Is Love:

View of some of the tents:


Billy’s tent:

Norwegian Beatles again:






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